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Newsflash: Our Bulletin Board has been hacked. We are reviewing the damage done. We are not sure if we can retrieve all the data. This has occured after we stopped an attack on our guestboook which was getting fake messages advertising spam every 5 minutes a few weeks ago. While we have secured the Guestbook, the bulletin board hack is much more serious. We will keep you updated as we progress.

Bula and welcome to the Fiji Friends website. As regular and old visitors may have noticed, we have a new look and design. I hope it is to your liking and look forward to your input to help it evolve as time passes.

To the left, you will find the links to help find your friends. Due to an oversight, the old site got accidently deleted. The old bulletin board and guest book are also listed for reference purposes as people posted on them looking for old classmates and friends. I have also included some other sites which will help you in your search. We have now registered 2 web addresses for this site and hopefully once we get things all settled, we can move to a dedicated host.

Before you leave, please do sign and leave your thoughts on my Guestbook.

This site came about while chatting in the Internet Fiji and yahoo chat rooms. This was after the last coup in Fiji when so many were joining in and chatting about what was going on. This site was deleted for a day in early April and I got it back up and running with a backup I had. However, it was time to evolve the website from a static page to what you see now. So far we have helped reunite close to 50 friends. We have had a good run so far with more visitors coming every week, so spread the word and may you find or be found by a friend. On a personal note, I have also found old friends, including one who sent me the pic shown above from my high school. Good memories, good friends.

Found an old friend via the internet or bumped into one just out of the blue? Share it with us. Your stories could be an inspiration to others. Remember, it could have been through chatting, searching on the web or some other lost friends website or just pure luck. How much have things changed since you last met and have you made plans to contact other old friends? If you wish, you can use other names in your story to remain anonymous. All correspondence to me will be treated with the strictest of confidence.
School and Class Pictures
Submit old pictures of either your school or class and have them shown here. Don't worry too much about photo sizes as I can resize it for the web. However don't give very small photos unless you have no choice. It will be displayed at the bottom of the page. It would be neat to get old pictures of schools as well as new ones just to see how much has changed.

To contact me please email me here . If you wish to post for old friends post on my Board or click here for more stuff. Please sign my Guestbook before you leave!
What's new?

3/4/2006- FijiFriends Board has been hacked. We are working on fixing it.

6/3/2006- We have stopped a hack on our guestbook which was getting spammed every 5 minutes. No entries were lost and we believe the guestbook to be a lot more secure now

6/2/2004 - We have been having some issues with the current webhost which we are trying to resolve. Unfortunately, in moving servers they have lost our Board database. We are also currently working on a sister site which will help finding friends much easier.

18/6/2003- FijiFriends Board is back in action! Old board posts will be added manually by myself soon but post away for now!

21/5/2003- My comments below come back to haunt me. I am taking the Fiji Friends chat room offline due to policy restrictions set by my web host.

15/5/2003 - Very dissapointed at number of Fiji Web sites that have closed or reduced content. Most Fiji chat sites are gone. Will be going from 6 chat sites listed to just 4 now. New Board is on the way as is a new Chat room! 26/01/2003 - Fixed Guestbook. Fixing Board will take more time. Darn complicated things SQL databases.
25/01/2003 - Website moved to new server. Please note that Guestbook and Message Board do not work at present. Working to fix this.
16/10/2002 - FijiVillage link removed. Added Go Asia Pacific to news link. 20/8/2002 - FijiVillage has gone into full subscription - Do you think it is still worth visiting? Join the boards and discuss this.
15/5/2002- Webpage launched.


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